Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Volunteer Opportunities for Teens at the Petawawa Public Library

Don’t wait until the last minute to start work on your community service credit for high school graduation. 40 hours of volunteering might not seem like a lot now, but trying to squeeze them all in during the last weeks of Grade 12 will really make it seem like a chore. Why not get a head start and consider the Petawawa Public Library as one of your community service options?

Who can volunteer?
As long as you’re attending high school this September, you’re eligible to apply as a student volunteer.

What would I be asked to do?
There are lots of areas where we need help. Whether you enjoy working with others, or independently, there’s a job for you at the library. Some examples:

Reading Buddies is a program where you will be paired up with a younger child to help him or her practice reading skills. This requires a commitment of 1 hour per week on a night that works for both you and the child’s family.

General Library Volunteers sort and return books to their rightful places on the shelves. Keeping things organized makes it easier for others to find what they’re looking for. We really rely on volunteers who can come in on a regular basis to help with this.

Library Programs, which take place from time to time, use volunteers for setting up, supervising activities (especially for children’s programs) and other duties according to the requirements of the event.

Internet/Computer Workshops use the expertise of tech savvy teens to help teach basic computer skills to small groups at the library using our training computers. Spend 1.5 hours per week helping others become connected by showing them how to safely use email, surf the Internet, get onto Facebook and more!

Teen Advisory Board members get to give their input on library issues to help us build programs and collections that speak to teens. By committing to two hours once a month, you can help improve the library and get community service credit. It’s a win-win situation!

Where do I sign up?
You will need to pick up a Student Volunteer Application at the library, or print out the PDF version, and just fill it out. If you’re under 18, you will also need a parent’s or legal guardian’s signature as well as a witness’ signature. Then just drop it off at the front desk. The Children’s Librarian will contact you to set up a brief interview so she can get to know you and discuss your volunteer duties.

Who do I contact for more information?
Janet Coulas, the Children’s Librarian will be happy to answer your questions about volunteering at the library. Reach her at 613-687-2227 ext. 22 (leave a message if she doesn’t answer and she’ll get back to you), or dash off an email to her at

Ready to start working on those volunteer hours now? Want to find out more about what the library has to offer teens? It’s your library. Check it out!